Collection: The Viking Witch Cozy Mysteries

When her mother dies after a long illness, Ingrid Torfa must sell the family home to cover the medical bills. Her career as a book illustrator not yet exactly launched, Ingrid faces two options: live in her battered old Volkswagen, or go back to her mother’s small town in northern Minnesota.
The small town that still haunts her dreams more than a decade since she last visited it. Or rather, not the town but the grandmother.
All of the drawings she fills notebooks with witches and the trolls that do their bidding? Not as whimsical in her nightmares as she sketches them in the bright light of day.
If not for her beloved cat Mjolner, living in the Volkswagen just might tempt her.
But the cat wants four walls and a door, so north she goes. And finds trouble in the form of a dead body before she even finds her grandmother’s little town. How much can a town of stoic fishermen possibly be hiding?
As Ingrid is about to find out, quite a lot.