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Ratatoskr Press

Death Under the Bridge: A Viking Witch Cozy Mystery (EBOOK)

Death Under the Bridge: A Viking Witch Cozy Mystery (EBOOK)

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Ingrid Torfa lives between two worlds. In her life on the shore of Lake Superior she mingles with fishermen and farmers, quiet folk who keep to themselves. But her other life on a hilltop overlooking the lake she lives among the descendants of Vikings.

On top of all that, she trains day and night to master magic, to one day take her grandmother’s place maintaining the spells that hide the Viking village from modern eyes.

But life as a witch requires more than casting spells. As resident peacemaker and unofficial impartial judge, her grandmother arbitrates disputes. The residents of both worlds hold her in high regard.

Then a long simmering property dispute between two farming families comes to full boil: a murder. Now Ingrid must find the real culprit before the feuding families decide to mete out their own justice.

Her grandmother needs her. But what if she fails?

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