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Ratatoskr Press

Slaying on the Lake Shore: A Viking Witch Cozy Mystery (EBOOK)

Slaying on the Lake Shore: A Viking Witch Cozy Mystery (EBOOK)

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Spring, the season of renewal, finally arrives on the North Shore of Lake Superior, and Ingrid Torfa finds herself in a strange new situation.

On vacation.

She and her grandmother spend their days resting and recuperating in an old cabin overlooking the shores of Lake Superior. She can see modern ships pass by along the shipping lanes on the horizon. But everything around her? Strictly from the Viking Age. Not even the lost Norse village of Villmark lies so far in the past as this lonely cabin.

But her restful vacation comes to a sudden end when a stranger knocks on their door. His presence disrupts their quiet lakeside lives even before he turns up dead.

Now Ingrid must figure out who wanted the strange old man dead. Because the next target just might be her.

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