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Ratatoskr Press

Bloodshed in the Forest: A Viking Witch Cozy Mystery (EBOOK)

Bloodshed in the Forest: A Viking Witch Cozy Mystery (EBOOK)

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After more than a month living in the lost Viking colony of Villmark, Ingrid Torfa just barely feels at home there. As her magic grows, so grows the animosity of those who wish her gone from their world.

And now she faces a new challenge: a winter hunt, held in the deep, dark forest that surrounds the village. Her hosts the Thors swear to keep her safe from the dangers ever-present outside the walls of their hunting lodge.

Yet the real danger may lurk within those walls. Not all the other guests appreciate Ingrid’s presence among them. And then one of the hunting party disappears in the night. Taken by Odin’s Wild Hunt? A tragic accident.

But lured outside the lodge’s protective walls and then taken by Odin’s Wild Hunt? That looks like murder by magical means. As the only magical person in the lodge, suspicions fall on Ingrid.

She knows her own innocence, but if she fails to find the guilty party in time, someone else may die.

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