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The Salon & Spa Scandal: A Weal and Woe Bookshop Witch Mystery (EBOOK)

The Salon & Spa Scandal: A Weal and Woe Bookshop Witch Mystery (EBOOK)

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Tabitha Greene loves her new life. Working at her uncles' bookstore, hanging with her friends, cuddling with her dog Houdini. When he allows it.

Everything would be perfect. If only she could control her magic.

But her bad luck with spells plagues her, setting off random sparks and triggering too many accidents. Her friends support her in her attempts to get it all under control. But her other neighbors around the Square display much less patience with having an actual jinx around. Especially as they plan the biggest party of the year.

When Tabitha's bitterest nemesis turns up dead, no one thinks she did it. At least not intentionally. But not even Tabitha is sure she didn't cause it by mistake.

The only way to be sure? She and her friends have to get to the bottom of what really happened the night of the party. Even if it means that Tabitha's worst fears come true.

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