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Ratatoskr Press

The Rod of Circe (EBOOK SHORT STORY)

The Rod of Circe (EBOOK SHORT STORY)

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In the cellar of a bookstore in the hidden, magical neighborhoods that thread all throughout Minneapolis, a support group for the Victims of That Bastard Magician Samson meets.

Ghostly Kitty, who once jostled Samson, no longer possesses a physical form.

Loquacious Lara, who missed his lack of interest in her words, no longer articulates anything.

Eternal wanderer Mo, who couldn’t take Samson where he wanted to go, has lost the ability to get anywhere deliberately ever again.

Wil, who failed to hold a door for Samson, now opens doors for everyone everywhere all the time.

The newcomer Myke Fuller suffers from the worst curse of all of them.

But he just might also hold the key to all their salvations.

If they can trust him. And themselves.

“The Rod of Circe,” a fantasy novelette of magic, curses and improbable heists.

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