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Katie MacLeod

The Entrepreneur Enigma: A Weal & Woe Bookshop Witch Mystery (PAPERBACK)

The Entrepreneur Enigma: A Weal & Woe Bookshop Witch Mystery (PAPERBACK)

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Tabitha Greene feels blessed by so many things she lacked before. Friends, including a new boyfriend. Family, including a brother she never even knew about. And now she knows her job in the Weal & Woe Bookshop remains hers even when her uncles return from their trip abroad.

She learns more every day about her innate chaos magic, training with her brother and his magic of order. Even Houdini, her little black dog that is secretly a dragon, learns more about his own ancestry when the perfect book finally turns up.

But all of that happiness ends when one of her closest friends is found comatose in his apartment. And beside him lies his equally comatose black Siamese cat, Miss Snooty Cat. Tabitha refuses to rest until she learns just who would harm her friend.

Perhaps someone who knew the secret of Miss Snooty Cat?

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