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Ratatoskr Press

The Bookseller Blunder: A Weal & Woe Bookshop Witch Mystery (PAPERBACK)

The Bookseller Blunder: A Weal & Woe Bookshop Witch Mystery (PAPERBACK)

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Tabitha Greene knows more about magic than most. She might not be able to cast a workable spell to save her life, but she has read every magical tome and text in existence.

Or so she thought. But then she hears of another book. A rare volume delineating an even rarer type of magic. A type of magic that just might be Tabitha’s real calling.

But when she tracks down the magical bookseller who owns the only known copy, she finds only a dead shop owner and no sign of the book. 

Maybe a random robbery gone wrong, but Tabitha doubts it. But either way, if she wants that book, she has to find the murderer first.

With the help of her friends, she intends to do just that. But if the thief who stole the book killed the bookseller in order to hide the truth the text contained, Tabitha and all her friends face a dangerous threat. 

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