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Tales of the Chai Makhani Trio Volume 1 (EBOOK)

Tales of the Chai Makhani Trio Volume 1 (EBOOK)

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Elyot loathes the massive Commonwealth ships that hover menacingly over his home world of Adghal. He hates the Commonwealth enforcers who harass the populace even more. But with his mother missing and presumed dead, Elyot keeps his head down and strives to avoid notice. And he succeeds until the day two strangers enter his life.

Keani wields knives with practiced skill, her childhood serving out the remaining years of her parents’ time in a prison colony required that and more. She will stop at nothing to avoid going back there.

Alextra carries a forbidden weapon and even stranger items of foreign technology. But she never talks about her past, or why the captain who chases her will risk his life to capture her. His life, but never hers.

Tales of the Chai Makhani Trio, twelve episodes of danger, adventure, and the power of friendship, all contained in one volume.

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