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Tales From Across Space (EBOOK)

Tales From Across Space (EBOOK)

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Tales from Across Space collects five stories from fantasy and science fiction writer Kate MacLeod:

The science fiction novelette "Required to Assist," a mystery set on board a colony ship, where one woman alone is woken by the ship's droids to solve a murder.

"Sword and Tattoo," a fantasy short story where a stranger stumbles into a hidden town. He brings danger with him, but the people of the town just might be more dangerous still.

The science fiction short story "Being Neighborly," a light-hearted tale of a human family homesteading on a world side by side with a very alien people.

"Tumbling Up," a science fiction short story about a group of diplomats attempting to negotiate a peace with an aquatic alien species.

"Death Spiral," a science fiction mystery where a security officer must solve a murder and keep a strange species of aliens calm at the same time.

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