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Sacrifice Behind the Falls: A Viking Witch Cozy Mystery (PAPERBACK)

Sacrifice Behind the Falls: A Viking Witch Cozy Mystery (PAPERBACK)

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Ingrid Torfudottir lives a double life. Half she spends in Runde, a normal town on the North Shore of Lake Superior in modern day Minnesota. The other half she spends in Villmark, a village that exists outside of time, where descendants of Vikings still live following the old ways.
On top of all that, she personally descends from a long line of volvas, women trained in the magical arts. Only she missed out on everything when she grew up away from Villmark. Now she still struggles to catch up.
After months of hard work, she speaks the language of Villmark. Her mastery of the runes sits at nearly a third complete. But now she must face her greatest challenge yet: the woman she narrowly defeated once before, who waits for their face-to-face confrontation deep inside the caves behind the waterfall that separates Runde from Villmark.
No one thinks she is ready for this rematch. Not her friends. Not her mentor. Not even her own grandmother.
No one but Ingrid.
Sacrifice Behind the Falls is book 9 in the ongoing Viking Witch Cozy Mystery series!

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