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Ratatoskr Press

Over Freezing Altitudes (PAPERBACK)

Over Freezing Altitudes (PAPERBACK)

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Having escaped yet another closing trap, Scout Shannon finds herself on a snowbound mountaintop far from civilization. With assassins eager to kill her, laying low on an alien world is the smartest play.

But wherever Scout goes, trouble follows. And a hamlet in the mountains gets far more remote when girl assassins destroy the only means back to civilization.

Now Scout and her dogs face a long, cold climb back to the frozen star port city, her only guide, a girl whose sister Scout killed when fighting for her life. Can she get to safety before the girl learns the truth about Scout? And what secrets of her own is this strange girl keeping?

This is the fifth book in the complete six-book THE TRAVELS OF SCOUT SHANNON series.

This PAPERBACK will be printed and shipped by BookVault.


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