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Ratatoskr Press

Old World Charm: A Witches Three Cozy Mystery (EBOOK)

Old World Charm: A Witches Three Cozy Mystery (EBOOK)

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When nothing and no one holds you to the present, why not celebrate the new year 91 years ago?

So think Amanda Clarke and the rest of the Witches Three. They head back in time to ring in 1928, drinking bootleg champagne with the wealthiest members of St. Paul society, honest businessmen and gangsters and those who dwell where those categories overlap.

But when a surprise wedding engagement announcement becomes an even more surprising murder of the bride-to-be, the Witches Three find themselves wrapped up in yet another mystery.

Because even if it’s not your time era, when the chief suspect is your close friend, you don’t opt out. Or so says Amanda Clarke.

“Old World Charm”, Book 4 in the Witches Three Cozy Mystery series. This mélange of magic and murder mystery is sure to charm you.

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