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Ratatoskr Press

Long Night's Moon (EBOOK SHORT STORY)

Long Night's Moon (EBOOK SHORT STORY)

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Prohibition ended on December 5, 1933. But just because alcohol is legal doesn’t mean it’s easy to find.

Anna Olsen wants her sister to have all the best for her engagement party. And the best means champagne. Only scarcity thwarts her every attempt to find any. She knows where to find all she could ever want. But getting it? Not so easy.

George Andrews appreciates his mentor trying to find him a bride. But none of the candidates at his mentor’s New Year’s Eve party intrigue him half as much as the woman he catches sneaking around the back corridors, looking for the wine cellar. But what links her to the man like a father to him?

“Long Night’s Moon,” a short story of romance with a little crime, set in post-Prohibition Minnesota.

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