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Death on the Summit: A Ritchie and Fitz Sci-Fi Murder Mystery (EBOOK)

Death on the Summit: A Ritchie and Fitz Sci-Fi Murder Mystery (EBOOK)

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The cadets of the Oymyakon Foreign Service Academy know more than most about challenging environments. They experience one every day just while crossing their campus. Their planet barely ranks as habitable on the best of days. But now the third and fourth year cadets face even harsher conditions, climbing to heights nearly at the edge of space and totally within the heart of Oymyakon's ever-present storms.

Murdina Ritchie relishes the opportunity to test her mettle in ways she never could back home in the stable, comfortable environment of a space station. Shackleton Fitz IV delights in freedom from campus life and distance from the growing rumors of political turmoil in the Union of Free Worlds, if only for a few days.

Then a fellow cadet falls to her death. No one in the camp thinks this an accident. But with no way down off the mountain until the storm passes, they all live with the knowledge that a murderer lurks among them, possibly planning to kill again.

Ritchie and Fitz face death all the time. But if a human killer fails to end them, the planet itself just might finish the job. Staying alive calls on them to apply everything they've learned at the academy. But will it be enough?

This EBOOK will be delivered instantly by a BookFunnel email. This is the fourth book in the complete RITCHIE AND FITZ SCI-FI MURDER MYSTERY series.


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