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Ratatoskr Press

Corpse in the Mead Hall: A Viking Witch Cozy Mystery (PAPERBACK)

Corpse in the Mead Hall: A Viking Witch Cozy Mystery (PAPERBACK)

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By day, a drab pole barn used as general store, post office and meeting place all-in-one by the people of Runde, Minnesota, a fishing village on the North Shore of Lake Superior.
By night, a Viking-style long house filled with tales and singing, roasting meat and flowing beer, and of course mead.
Ingrid Torfa can imagine no better place for a much-needed night of R&R.
The mead hall run by her grandmother lies where modern small town life brushes up against the old world lifestyle of the people of Villmark, proud descendants of a lost tribe of Northmen. All of her friends mingle there from the server who works in the restaurant on the side of the highway to the guardians charged with protecting the sacred flame of their ancestors.
The spells that her grandmother casts over her mead hall nightly keep everyone within safe and harmonious.
Or so everyone always believed. But when a murder interrupts Ingrid’s night off, she finds herself questioning everything. Because her chief suspect is her own grandmother.

Corpse in the Mead Hall, Book 6 in the Viking Witch Mystery Series!

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