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Ratatoskr Press

Bubbly, Bicycles and Brides: Five Mystery Short Stories (EBOOK)

Bubbly, Bicycles and Brides: Five Mystery Short Stories (EBOOK)

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BUBBLY, BICYCLES AND BRIDES showcases a collection of mystery and crime stories set in Minnesota in days past.

“Long Night’s Moon” features romance and crime both, set on the first New Year’s Eve after the repeal of Prohibition. In “Tillie’s Big Race”, a young woman training for the big time gets caught up in a bank robbery when gangsters blow through her town. “The Elopement” tells the story of a gangster’s daughter on the eve of her dreaded wedding. “Dance Til You Drop” explores the world of marathon dance competitions and the poor souls willing to endure anything just for a chance at the cash prize.

And “On a Cold Winter’s Night” goes further into the past for a darker kind of Christmas story.

Five tales of bubbly, bicycles and brides, all guaranteed to delight you.

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