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Ratatoskr Press

Body Under the Café: A Viking Witch Cozy Mystery (PAPERBACK)

Body Under the Café: A Viking Witch Cozy Mystery (PAPERBACK)

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Ingrid Torfudottir lives in two worlds at once. The first, Runde, lies on the banks of Lake Superior, a town of northern Minnesotans who descend from Scandinavian immigrants, fishermen and farmers both. In that world she barely exists, just an unknown aspiring book illustrator who occasionally sells a little art at the local café.

The other, Villmark, lies hidden from the rest of the world by ancient, strong magic. The people of the village descend from colonists who fled their homeland in Norway centuries before. In that world she bears great responsibilities. As a volva, a Viking witch, the protection of her people always comes first in her life.

These two worlds overlap in just one place: her grandmother’s mead hall. After sitting abandoned for months, Ingrid and her grandmother open it again to much celebration in both communities.

But then everything goes wrong. The illusions and protections remain despite their efforts at the end of the night. And Ingrid can’t get back to Villmark.

Then someone dies, a murder. As if Ingrid didn’t have enough on her plate.

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