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Ratatoskr Press

Among Treacherous Stars (PAPERBACK)

Among Treacherous Stars (PAPERBACK)

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Scout Shannon wants nothing more than to leave her home world and its petty squabbling factions behind. Galactic Central with all of its excitement and opportunities awaits her.

She makes it as far as her own planet’s orbit before the snares of bureaucracy close around her, trapping her on a space station populated by her people’s oldest foe. Then her rescuer, her only friend in the galaxy, disappears, abducted by a group of strangers the moment he steps off his ship.

Alone in a strange place, surrounded by the old enemies she knows and new enemies just making themselves known, Scout faces a challenge like none before. But with her dogs at her side, Scout stands prepared for anything.

“Among Treacherous Stars” the third book in “The Travels of Scout Shannon” series, a young adult science fiction novel for fans of plucky heroines, girl spies conspiring in political intrigues, and loyal dog sidekicks.

This is the third book in the complete six-book THE TRAVELS OF SCOUT SHANNON series.

This PAPERBACK will be printed and shipped by BookVault.


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